WWDC 2016 Round-Up: iOS 10, MacOS – All Tonight's Apple News

By Jack Tomlin on at

The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is under way, giving us all a latest look at what products Cupertino's wunderkinder company has waiting in its wings.

Lots of news articles will be filling our Gizmodo UK feed and we've rounded up all the WWDC-centric bits here for your Apple-admiring (or Apple-bashing!) pleasure.

All the Magic New Things in iOS 10

Don't hate Apple? Siri, open this page!

macOS Features, Apps and Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

macOS Sierra has been unveiled, and it's got a sleeve full of tricks. Read more >>

The Best and Worst from WWDC 2016

Throughout the keynote presentation you could sense of undeniable change in vision—Apple is finally opening up. But it wasn't all good news. Read more >>

Because the Words in That iMessage Were Just Not Good Enough

Weren’t you just saying that iMessage would be so much better if it was less about words and more... well, more like Snapchat? No? Well, too bad. Read more >>

Apple Music Now Comes With Lyrics and a Much-Improved UI

Dancing on the ceiling time.

Apple Joins the Smarthome Wars With a Siri-Powered App

Years after announcing HomeKit, Apple has finally announced an all-in-one smarthome solution. It’s an app called Home, and it sounds… fine. Read more >>

Siri for macOS Confirmed For Those Few That Can Handle Talking to a Mac

Starbucks coffee shops are going to become noisier and even more insufferable. Read more >>

Apple TV tvOS Update Improves Siri Voice Commands and Remote App

Every little helps, as Apple continues to slowly improve its set top box and TV services. Read more >>

Apple Shames Painfully Slow WatchOS 2 to Big Up Slicker-Looking WatchOS 3

Should really have been the case right from the off. Read more >>

OS X is Dead, Long Live macOS (With a Little m)

Can now hang out with iOS, watchOS and tvOS without fear of being singled out as an embarrassing anomaly. Read more >>

Apple Thinks You Should Breathe More, Sponsored By Noted Bullshitter Deepak Chopra

Apple announced its new breathing app today, endorsed by one of the biggest spewers of feel-good pseudo-scientific crap out there. Read more >>

macOS Sierra Brings Auto Unlock, Siri and... Apple Pay to Your Mac

Coming this autumn.

Apple is Trying to Do What Google Photos Already Does

A photo tool that uses face recognition, can be easily searched, and plots all your geotagged photos onto maps? Where have I heard all this before? Read more >>

You Can Finally Bin Stock Apple Apps in iOS 10

Say goodbye to the iOS Tips apps once and for all – with iOS 10, Apple looks to be finally letting you trash those built-in, stock Apple apps that come pre-installed on all iOS devices. Read more >>