Xbox One S is Real, Thinner and Looking Way Better Than the Original

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's a new Xbox looking to find a spot under your TV. Microsoft has kicked off its E3 2016 press conference by confirming the existence of the Xbox One S. And boy, does it instantly look more attractive than the original console did.

40 per cent smaller than the OG Xbox One, the Xbox One S comes in a white casing with a textured, patterned finish. Supporting HDR and 4K / 4K Blu-ray content, it's got all the AV bells and whistles you'd want from a modern console to pair with the latest in TV tech. And there's plenty of storage space onboard too, with 2TB built-in as standard being a significant step up from the original Xbox One's measly 500GB.

Keeping the overall footprint of the console as small as possible, the Xbox One S scales down the power supply unit so as to make it sit within the main console housing itself. God knows what that means in terms of heat dispersion – I'd assume the many dotted holes on the new casing partly answer that question. In addition, the Xbox One S also comes equipped with an IR receiver, which should let it work with all manner of TV remotes.
To cap off the package, the Xbox One S will launch alongside a reworked Xbox One controller, with textured hand grips and a greater wireless range.

It'll launch in the US at $299, hitting stores in August. That's roughly £210 in Great British Pounds, but that sounds far too good to be true, knowing the mark up the UK usually faces. We'll update with confirmed UK launch and pricing details for the Xbox One S once it's available.