You Can Finally Bin Stock Apple Apps in iOS 10

By Gerald Lynch on at

Say goodbye to the iOS Tips apps once and for all – with iOS 10, Apple looks to be finally letting you trash those built-in, stock Apple apps that come pre-installed on all iOS devices.

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MacRumors has spotted stock apps like Notes, Maps, Calendar and even iTunes appearing on the App Store. Which makes it seem as though they're now optional, ready to be downloaded should you choose to remove them from your device at some point. Why else would they be available to download at all otherwise, seeing as though they've previously been the only invincible icons on your iOS homescreens?

Apple is yet to confirm this itself (and it may choose to let this "feature" slip out quietly, as it's not exactly one to write home about, acknowledging that people actively want to delete your software), but this is looking pretty certain at this point. No more hiding all those unwanted built-in apps in that lonely iOS folder then. [MacRumors]