You'll Be Able to Buy an Electric Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in the Next Five Years

By Gerald Lynch on at

Harley-Davidson, perhaps the most well-known motorcycle manufacturer in the world, is ready to accelerate into the world of electric vehicles.

Asphalt And Rubber, citing Harley Senior Vice President of Global Demand Sean Cumming in the Milwaukee Business Journal, states that Harley is now ready to have its first commercially-available electric wheels off the production line within the next five years.

Harley wouldn't be the only manufacturers in the electric motorbike market, but it seems it's kept its distance until the battery tech can catch up with the range and performance demands of its riders.

It's not the first time Harley-Davidson has teased an electric vehicle. Back in June 2014 it showed off the LiveWire concept, powered by a 55kW electric engine. That's the equivalent of 74hp, with the motor mounted longitudinally, which is unusual for electric bikes. If the thought of an electric Harley wasn't cool enough, the drivetrain has a sound like a bloody jet turbine too, apparently.

Take a look at it in the CycleWorld clip below.

The sound of a Harley is part of the appeal, so that'll go down well with the hardcore and vehicular futurists alike. It's an iconic brand, but it'll have to continue to reflect the times it drives through to maintain that status. With the rise of Tesla and environmental concerns growing, Harley's ebike would make it well placed to continue riding into the sunsets of the future. [Asphalt And Rubber]