3D-Printed Food Restaurant Coming to UK, But it Doesn't Look Too Appetising

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

After tasting success over in Venlo in the Netherlands, 3D-printed food restaurant Food Ink. is about to set up shop in the UK -- in the most fashionable part of the capital, naturally. The experimental outlet will pop up outside the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch to serve nine-course dinners from July 25-27.

Exciting/ludicrous as it sounds, some of the promotional food shots haven’t exactly got our stomachs rumbling. That’s mainly because the chefs machines can only make dishes out of paste. If hummus, squashed-looking peas, pizza dough and chocolate mousse sound good to you, you’ll love it.

Ingredient-filled cartridges will be loaded into the Focus 3D printer -- created by a company called byFlow -- which will pump out edible, layered structures. Traditional cooking techniques, such as baking or blowtorching, can be used afterwards, so your entire meal shouldn’t have the texture of tomato puree.

A full menu is yet to be revealed, but 'air caviar', fish and chips, 'Caesar’s flower of life', 'mystic' prawns, steak tartar, 'love bites' and '3D Boscana' will definitely feature. Probably for £30 a pop. Grannies everywhere will be tutting with rage. [3Ders, Shortlist]