Aerochromics Pollution-sensing Shirts Might Keep Your Lungs Clean

By Gary Cutlack on at

A range of clothing that says it can detect low air quality in your surroundings has the lofty ambition of becoming a "sixth sense" for mankind, letting the urban warrior of today take refuge inside a cool building when high levels of carbon monoxide or particulate pollution make their shirt change colour.

The company currently has two reactive products on sale, the Reactive Carbon Monoxide Shirt and Reactive Particle Pollution Shirt, both of which cost a credit-polluting $500 (£380). But then, if they really can warn you when it might be a good idea to hold your breath because a few buses have just gone past up a hill, it could be a gradual lifesaver.

The maker explains the mission rather grandly with: "Our goal is to have Aerochromics become a sixth sense for the user. To not have this technology as an appendage but intrinsically part of the the daily user. No more will technology, such as phones and computers, get in the way once everything is connected and communicating in real time."

Which is quite a posh way of describing a novelty t-shirt that costs nearly £400. [Aerochromics]

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