ASDA Recalls Buzz Lightyear Costumes so Kids Don't Accidentally Hang Themselves

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket ASDA is asking parents who bought their pampered little shits a full immersion Buzz Lightyear costume that makes noises to return the thing for a refund, after worries arose that a tragic case of mislabeling might lead to a child being placed in peril.

The costume needs recalling for one really basic error -- the lack of a tag warning that it's not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. Worriers are worried that he straps used to keep it on and the wings attached to the chassis could, in some bizarre tragic event, lead to a child getting tangled up and choking itself.

The costume's no longer on sale, and it sounds like it's probably for the best. The listing already makes it sound like a death trap even before it was discovered it could be used to assist in a suicide, warning: "KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE AND NAKED FLAMES. In the interest of safety this garment has undergone additional testing for flammability. This product should be worn under adult supervision."

So it could burn and choke children. That would make for quite a memorable Halloween party. [Daily Star]

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