BBC+ App Mixes iPlayer With... Everything Else the BBC Does

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's launched its BBC+ app today, a tool designed to let people filter the vast virtual lorry loads of material it publishes so they end up with a bespoke news experience free from Brexit/Top Gear/politics or whatever the kids of today have had enough of hearing about.

The bad news is that you have to go through a signing in or registration process first, as all this customisation can only be done via a BBC ID account; after that there's a massive list of categories to sort through in order to populate your personalised news feed. The setup process also includes a yes/no option to have the app notify you about relevant stories twice a day, which is handy as being pinged about local news and things "the people" are talking about may quickly become tedious.

Do all this and it's a simple reader application like the many news curation tools already out there, only one that only pulls in stories from BBC sources -- and has a weather forecast atop the page and tells you where you are if you've opted to let it know your location. It's not exactly thrillingly innovative, but it is a nicely designed and clean tool with lots of white space and the option to filter out celebrity news. It could do with a widget, mind. [BBC+]

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