BBC+ Will Keep Your Viewing Data Even After You Delete an Account

By Gary Cutlack on at

That new BBC BBC content aggregator would like to use all the information it pulls out of your reading and viewing habits, so much so that the records of what we've all been scrolling through is saved even after deleting an account.

This comes via The Register, which asked the BBC to explain how it treats our precious data. The corporation says that "Personally Identifiable Information is deleted," but that it will "continue to store some activity data in an anonymised form" once a BBC ID account has been binned. That'll be of concern to privacy campaigners, as there's a lot of vagueness and wiggle room when it comes to what can be gleaned from the supposedly non-identifying remnants.

Does it include location data, for example? As there can't be many people in your GPS location with the app installed and a habit for watching Robot Wars live as soon as the new episodes come out. The BBC says it's liaising with the ICO to make sure it complies with the Data Protection Act and the general concepts of good practise when it comes to personal data usage. [The Register]

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