Concept Renders Show Rumoured New Nexus Smartwatches

By Gary Cutlack on at

We are all sort of expecting Google to build and release some own-brand smartwatches at some point in the future, and now we've landed upon, in a roundabout way, some images showing us what to expect.

The images come with a weird backstory and quite the disclaimer to scroll though and pretend to have read, though. These images are not actual images of the devices. They are recreations someone made based on some "primary source material" they actually saw. How's that for vague? It's a posh sketch, a court illustration of how a future Google smartwatch might be.

According to Android Police they come from a relatively trusted source, so could well be true, regardless of the bizarre story. The big one is codenamed Angelfish and comes with LTE connectivity, the smaller one Swordfish; and that's not the artist getting confused about scale as the current rumour is that Google will indeed launch two in two sizes with different specs. One for real men with big arms, and one for small men who work in the media. [Android Police via Techradar]

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