Did Pokémon Go Put a Gym in an Actual Graveyard?

By Bryan Menegus on at

Pokémon Go has been available for a couple of days now, and by any measure it’s a runaway success. My only complaint so far is that the game keeps making me walk to weird places, and I’m not the only one.

YouTubers Beware The Flood were driving around looking for a gym — basically the Pokémon equivalent of a boss battle — at which to test their mettle, when they realised the in-game map was directing them towards a strip club. Sure, why not! But after turning onto that street it became clear the gym was further down the road, where there happened to be a small graveyard. [Insert joke about ghost Pokémon].

GPS spoofing exists and it’s possible this short video is a hoax. However, plenty of players have already reported that the game has a strange habit of taking them to church, and the closest gym to my apartment is an Ayurvedic yoga studio. It’s safe to say landmark placement in the game is semi-random. And on a bleaker note, I now know that somewhere in America (most likely this exact location in Allentown, PA) there’s a strip club adjacent to an actual graveyard.

So: what’s the weirdest place Pokémon Go has taken you so far?