Films, Games, Events: What to Get up to This Weekend

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Slam your laptop shut, you can do without that for the next couple of days. The weekend's here and life's worth living again. Here's what to get up to before Monday creeps around again.


Today’s quite a big day in cinema, with both Star Trek: Beyond and The BFG -- which has flopped at the box office, despite being rather good -- launching in the UK. Huge Roald Dahl fan that I am, we’re slightly more interested in the former at Giz UK, which has earned mainly positive feedback from the critics.

Retro and fun seems to be the general consensus from the people in the know, though the film doesn’t seem to offer anything new or unexpected. It’s got movie of the year written all over it.


This week’s pick: I Am Setsuna

It’s been a quiet week on the gaming front -- well, in terms of new releases anyway. I Am Setsuna, a sweet yet sorrowful, visually splendid turn-based Japanese role-playing game, is the only new title of note, but our mates over at Kotaku certainly seem impressed, describing it as a lovely little tale that’s well worth your time.

… or, you know, you can save yourself some money and really knuckle down on Pokemon Go.


My plan, which is a damn solid plan, is to sunbathe a fair bit, before tuning in to Robot Wars on Sunday evening. Seriously though, the weather’s going to be cracking over the next couple of days, so it’s well worth getting out and about.

You can almost guarantee that there’ll be a Pokeparty going on near you, so have a quick Google or Facebook search if that’s your thing. Another app-based bit of fun this week comes from the new Tinder Social, which could actually be a great way to organise a pub crawl or, erm, an orgy I guess.

There’s also the Great Fire of London Exhibition to get you even hotter, while BeachEast will be opening at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday. The Jimmy’s Farm Sausage and Beer Festival sounds like a cracker too, as does Scotland’s National Airshow.