Finding and Applying for the Right Mortgage Just Got Easy

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People say there’s no pleasure without pain, but the extremes associated with buying a house are off the scale. The process of searching for a mortgage, giving up and consulting a mortgage broker, getting your application in and the voyage through mountains of complex paperwork that follows is one of the most stressful things life can throw at you, and can even make you wonder whether the grand prize is even worth it.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Habito takes the mind-numbing pain out of applying for a mortgage, by comparing and analysing every deal on the market to ensure you find the right option for your situation. The online mortgage broker advisor will also continue to monitor the market, so if there’s ever a better deal out there, you’ll know about it. Habito will even help you switch over to it as smoothly as possible.

It keeps track of the thousands of constantly-changing mortgage options available, so you don’t have to. In the coming months, it’s adding an automated advice feature too, which will allow you to get some initial mortgage guidance without having to talk to someone and risk drowning in a sea of jargon.

Rather than weeks, the entire application process takes around 30 minutes, and you can do it through your Facebook account. The days of meeting a mortgage broker, filling in endless forms and trying to remember how a fax machine works are over.

‘Death contract’ sounds a little less intimidating when you’re tucked up in bed in nothing but your underpants and know that Habito’s doing all the hard work for you.