Glasgow Airport Pilots Arrested for Being Too Drunk to Fly

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

An astonishingly irresponsible pair of pilots have been arrested for being a leetle beet teepsy ahead of an Air Transat flight from Glasgow to Toronto yesterday.

The plane had been scheduled for a 1pm departure, meaning the chaps had either come off the back of a boozy lunch or breakfast. Not uncommon in Glasgow, admittedly, but hardly great form when your job is to carry 250 people around in a metal tin thousands of feet in the air. Sleeping may be fine up there, but drunk piloting is absolutely out of the question.

The 37- and 39-year old men were nicked on suspicion of being "impaired through alcohol", and will subsequently appear all apologetic and regretful at Paisley Sheriff Court.

"Air Transat has learned of the arrest on July 18 of two crew members assigned to its Glasgow-Toronto flight," said a spokesman for the company. "We will await the results of the investigation and judicial proceedings before making any further comments. The safety of our crews and passengers is, and will remain, a top priority at Air Transat."

The flight, meanwhile, has been rescheduled and its passengers were put up in hotels for the night. One cannot be a LAD all the time. [Independent]

Image: InfiniteLegroom