Going to Reading Ikea Was as Bad an Idea as Husbands Foretold

By Gary Cutlack on at

Shoppers who thought it might be fun to visit the new Reading branch of Ikea had a bit of a nightmare this weekend, as the vast number of people trying to get out of the car park at tea time led to gridlock in the car park -- leaving some poor sad families stuck in their cars with their lovely new flatpack chairs and tea lights for up to four hours.

Despite spending around £4m on new junctions and road widening schemes around the shop, people were still unable to get out. Staff handed out water to some stuck shoppers, no doubt trying to fend off a Monday morning PR crisis, with the likes of shopper Tony Chamberlain telling Get Reading that it took him nearly four hours to get out of the place amid the chaos.

The one saving grace was that at least there was a mobile phone signal, so everyone had something to do while they waited. The bad news for Ikea is that lots of those people got straight on the internet to post videos of being stuck in a car park:

But then we expect everyone's secretly very happy to have an anecdote about how horrible a day they had at Ikea. We love to suffer. [BBC]

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