Here's How to Meet Star Wars Composer John Williams

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

This week’s bit of heart-warming loveliness comes from this clip of a pair of chaps luring composer John Williams out of his home by playing the main Star Wars theme outside. 13-year-old trumpeter Bryce Hayashi and flugelhorner(?) Michael "Mickle" Miller decided to give it a go earlier this month, and Williams did a pretty good job of not looking too irritated by their presence.

Don’t worry, we’ve watched the clip through and at no point does a bunch of police officers burst onto the scene and open fire.

We’re not exactly sure what Williams means when he says, “I started to listen and thought they’d never make it – but they did it,” but we’re guessing it’s a good thing. So there you have it, the best way to meet a legendary composer is by blasting out their smash hits outside their front door.

Mr Williams, you may want to consider relocating. [NME]