Here's the Fire That's Causing So Much Gatwick Airport Chaos

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

People who have been looking forward to soaring out of the UK while sipping overpriced G and Ts out of plastic cups and silently hoping to join the mile-high club have been left either extremely annoyed or worried by a blaze on a bit of railway track near Gatwick Airport station.

The not quite spectacular fire sprung up at around 7am this morning and had already been extinguished by the time the crews arrived on the scene, but still managed to melt electrical cables and the conductor rail, which provide power to trains.

Two lines have been shut for the rest of the day, causing delays to Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Southern Rail -- which doesn’t usually need an excuse -- services to and from the airport.

“We’re really sorry for the delays that passengers are experiencing today, our engineers are onsite working to repair the damage caused by the fire,” said a Network Rail spokesperson. “The damage is quite extensive, so it’s difficult to give a firm estimate as to when the railway will return to normal. In the meantime we are advising passengers to check before they travel on either or”

The fire is said to have been caused by a problem with the power supply. [B&H Independent]