iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 Video Leak Shows This Year's Minor Apple Upgrades

By Gerald Lynch on at

Consider yourself warned – the annual iPhone rumour season is about to kick into top gear, as we approach the as-yet-unannounced but almost-certainly-inevitable early September launch of the iPhone 7. Today's Apple phone leak comes courtesy of the Chinese social network Weibo, where one user has posted a comparison clip reportedly showing an iPhone 7 chassis alongside its iPhone 6S forebear:

The visible differences this time around are small, but noteworthy. Showing the 4.7-inch version of the phone, it's slightly larger than last year's model, which could be to account for that rumoured battery size increase. The antenna lines now form a bumper along the bottom edge of the phone, while a larger camera sensor – pointing to improved optics – does again suggest you're going to have to accept an even bigger protrusion from the camera bulge.

Those that bemoan the very-likely ditching of the 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of Lightning headphones won't find much to like here – that standard headphone port seems very much gone, gone, gone! But Apple seems to at least be making use of the extra space by popping in an addition loudspeaker grille.

Being a dummy case (if even a real component at all, natch) it's impossible to get a feel for the phone in action. But from the slew of whispers we've heard relating to the phone so far, it seems this may be the external iPhone 7 look that you're going to have to get used to. [9to5Mac]