iPhone 7's Battery May Have a 14 Per Cent Higher Capacity

By Gary Cutlack on at

A little snippet concerning the battery life of this year's expected iPhone 7 update says users should expect Apple to start calling it the longest lastingest iPhone ever made, or something along those lines, thanks to one key feature of 2016's wonderphone being a bit of a bigger battery.

According to a man on the internet who doesn't always make things up, the standard, non-Plus iPhone 7's battery should be seeing an increase to a capacity of 1960 mAh, which, according to maths, is about a 14 per cent improvement on the 1715 mAh power unit Apple put inside the iPhone 6S. Imagine the empowering life changes that'll bring about, like being able to look at Pokemon on the bus for 14 per cent longer, or 14 per cent more time to take photographs of noodles for Instagram. [OnLeaks]

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