James May Says He's 'Chuffed' About Chris Evans Quitting Top Gear

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo’s polite, boring exchange at the end of the Wales - Portugal game earlier this week may have disappointed, but James May’s answer to the question on every Top Gear fan’s lips did anything but.

Up to now, the old boys have been unusually tight-lipped about the latest series and new line-up, though May has finally decided to release his suppressed joy. Asked whether or not he was “chuffed” about Evans’ departure from the show, he replied, “Yeah, very chuffed.”

Me-ow. Cold-blooded stuff from Captain Slow. Well, maybe. May did happen to be in the middle of a very noisy crowd at the time, so might have simply misheard the question. The fact he said “What?” just before delivering his answer sort of supports the theory.

Clarkson, meanwhile, managed to keep his big gob shut, instead making a mock attempt to grab the question-asker’s camera. You can watch the clip on MailOnline. Oh, and here's how to get your hands on tickets for the studio bit of the UK episode of The Grand Tour.