Kim Dotcom Hints at January Return of Megaupload

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Despite being embroiled in a number of serious lawsuits, Kim Dotcom has revealed that he’s working on a new file-sharing site that looks set to arrive at the start of next year. He teased the launch in a Twitter update last night:

January 2017 marks five years since the police raids on Megaupload that saw Dotcom arrested. Fortunately, that’s not all the info we have to go on. Dotcom has confirmed to TorrentFreak that he’s working on a brand new cloud storage site, one that may or may not bear a familiar name.

“I can say that this year I have set things in motion and a new cloud storage site is currently under development,” he said. “I’m excited about the new innovations the site will contain. Eight years of knowledge and a long planning period went into this.

“It will be my best creation yet. The name of the new site will make people happy.”

Time for a singalong.