Kinder Says Everything is as Cancerous as its Chocolate, so Not to Worry

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Ferrero company, maker of the little Kinder chocolate bars with the lovely potential choking hazards, has a new thing to worry about -- claims that some of its products contains high levels of carcinogenic substances and ought to be pulled from the shelves.

The initial claim came from a German food watchdog, which said it found mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons in some Kinder chocolate bars. Foodwatch told The Local that: "We recommend not purchasing these products because the levels are simply unacceptable for consumption."

Kinder, however, denies this. It says the mineral oils in question "occur everywhere in the environment" and that "...there is as yet no specific food safety regulation regarding this matter," so we are all completely fine to carry on eating several pound shop multipacks each day until instructed otherwise. [Independent]

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