Leaks Say Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner Can't Handle Glasses, Sunlight or Your Puffy Face

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supposed technical specifications for the eye scanner that Samsung's assumed to be sticking in its latest Note phablet have appeared, confirming the device's existence -- but also coming with a large list of disclaimers about how and when it won't actually work.

According to screenshots of a disclaimer provided to Android Authority, Samsung's iris scanner won't work if you've ever had laser eye surgery to correct your vision, can't see through dirty or overly reflective glasses, can't perform with "narrowed" or puffy eyes, and also can't handle the recognition task if you've taken your initial eye snaps in bright conditions and subsequently try to activate the feature in lower light conditions.

It's quite a large disclaimer, one that seems to resemble the old problems of facial recognition a few years ago when that was the big new thing in unlocking our devices.

And if you can get the conditions just right, there's the holding issue to contend with. It needs to be held 25-35cm away from your face, at the right height, and... it's probably best to deactivate it and leave your phone unlocked.

Dealing with the consequences of a breached phone must be less hassle than getting this to work, even if you do get to pretend to be Tom Hiddleston for a few seconds when arching your brow and scanning your eye in. [Android Authority via Trusted Reviews]

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