Let Nothing Keep You Away From These Incredible Official Star Wars Drones

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We’ve just found this year’s must-have Christmas presents. Propel has unveiled an upcoming range of official Star Wars drones -- the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing, a TIE fighter and a speeder bike -- and the company looks like it’s done every fanboy that’s ever existed proud.

Just look at how magnificent they are.

It’s not all about appearances, either. Each model is capable of exceeding 35mph, though the Millennium Falcon can go one step further, with a maximum of 50mph. They can all do 360-degree aerial stunts too, but what's best is the battle feature, which lets you engage in laser combat with up to 24 friends.

Prices haven’t yet been announced, but reports say they’ll cost between $200 and $300 (£150-£230) each. They’ll be available to buy in autumn, but you can reserve a model here. [Propel via Wired]