London's Black Cabs Could Appear in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin

By Gary Cutlack on at

The famous mobile landmark that is the London black cab as built by the London Taxi Company could soon appear in other capital cities, with the automaker's Chinese owner currently pitching the vehicle to the kings and queens of several other major European population centres.

It's good news for UK jobs too, as Chairman Carl-Peter Forster said the company plans to boost production of the vehicles from just over 1,000 to over 10,000 a year by 2020, with the work being carried out in a new facility it's building near its existing base in Coventry.

Forster said of the plan: "We are currently presenting the taxi to major European cities. We've been to Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin this week and based on this same platform... we will offer this light commercial vehicle. 2019/20/21 that is our horizon."

Although in these post-Brexit vote times, are the people of Amsterdam really going to want to be reminded of the existence of the UK as they go about their cosmopolitan, European business? [Reuters]

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