Luxury Huddersfield Hobbit House Up for Sale

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man's extraordinarily detailed Hobbit-style house is now up for sale, and you don't have to get a visa for New Zealand to take a look around it. It's in the Upper Holme Valley just south of Huddersfield, known more for its rolling meadows than mountains and monsters.

That's Arthur Quarmby. It's his house. That's his round front door, which he's not likely to have purchased in the local Homebase. He got the majority of the work done inside 18 months, but has been gradually enhancing the home ever since, to such an extent that it now features a fantastic indoor swimming pool, skylights to make it feel less like living in a glorified bunker, posh stone gardens, and even what appears to be a TV aerial on the outside. Sheer luxury.

He's lived there for 41 years and says it's now time to move on. The house is on sale right now for £700,000, which is quite a bargain for something that could be endlessly rented out by the hour for Lord of the Rings nerds to get married in. [Metro]

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