Man Turns Car Into Ambulance to Beat Traffic, Turns Out to be First Aid Specialist

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A naughty man with an appropriate surname has been arrested after doing something all drivers have considered at some stage in their lives. Shaun Scandle dressed his car up as an ambulance in order to avoid rush hour traffic.

The 33-year-old from Priestpopple, Northumberland pimped up his Renault Mégane with painted-on Battenburg markings, blue lights and a siren, successfully tricking other drivers into making way for him whenever he pleased.

Quite the ploy. Unfortunately for Scandle, he was caught out when Tyne Tunnel staff noticed his erratic driving and had a word with the North East Ambulance Service. It turns out none of its official vehicles were in the area at the time.

Scandle was identified as the driver shortly afterwards, but there’s a twist! Turns out he's a genuine medical services specialist, who runs a business called Hadrian Medical Services that provides first aid at events.

“This may seem like a bizarre story but the reality is Mr Scandle was putting lives at risk through his behaviour on the road,” said Alan Keenleyside from the Northumbria Police Operations Department. “Those working in the emergency services receive specialist training to drive our response vehicles and the public should not try and take that responsibility into their own hands.”

Scandle has been hit with a fine and nine points on his licence for careless driving. [Yahoo]