Microsoft Hopes You'll Get the Hint with Full-Screen Windows 10 Upgrade Pop-Up

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft really (REALLY, pretty, pretty please!) wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. Having been offering it as a free upgrade for all but those on the oldest builds of Windows since it launched on 29th July 2015, its year long promotion is coming to an end. As of July 29th 2016, those looking to upgrade from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will have to pay for it. And, with the end in sight, Microsoft is pushing that free upgrade hard.

Its "Sorry to interrupt" pop-up has been altered to become even more intrusive, now taking over the whole screen of those who've yet to make the jump to Windows 10. The upgrade prompt comes complete with "Upgrade Now" and "Remind Me Later" buttons, while tucked away in the corner are options to be reminded just "three more times" or a request telling Microsoft "Do not notify me again."

Looking to unify its user base (easing the strain on customer services by having only one version of Windows for the majority of its users to support, and cleaner security and feature roll outs), Microsoft has been pretty heavy-handed with how its pushed Windows 10 upgrades. So intrusive have some of the upgrade prompts been that some users have felt duped into taking it, with one user winning a £7,500 legal battle against the computing giant for having it "forced" upon him.

It seems Microsoft has at least taken past criticism into account here though – anyone who has a recent version of the "Get Windows 10 app" installed, those with incompatible computers, or those who have already attempted a Windows 10 install, will not be shown the full-screen prompt. The same goes for anyone that's manually disabled the upgrade app or tweaked registry keys settings to dodge it.