MTV Launching MTV +20 Years

By Gary Cutlack on at

MTV is about to rebrand its VH1 Classic channel and tighten its remit a little, turning it into MTV Classic and having it concentrate less on Fleetwood Mac and more on Eminem, Daria and Pimp My Ride.

Launching on August 1, the channel will arrive replicating the first hour of MTV's output from its debut in 1981, before launching into a usual schedule built around repeats of its original programming; so expect it to be the Beavis & Butthead channel, the Pimp My Ride channel and the Unplugged channel. The Pimp My Ride channel is something I'd pay £6.99 a month for, so that's good news.

If you can't remember the 1990s because you're too young or were already old enough that it passed in a blur of rave and Britpop, here's what it was like:

Although in the UK it was all a bit greyer, and we were still mainly getting excited about watching Only Fools and Horses, waiting for Oasis to release a new album, and enjoying one football match of importance every four years.[NME]

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