Mud Runners Celebrate Achievement With Mass Vomiting and Diarrhoea

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those smug people posting photos of themselves all covered in mud on Facebook after running about outside for a bit aren't feeling so good about the achievement today, as dozens of people who took part in the X-runner mud run in Nottingham last weekend are still puking and pooing themselves empty after catching something nasty from the stagnant water.

The mass outbreak was spotted on Facebook, where one attendee asked others if they were feeling unwell after the weekend's race. And yes, was the answer, with a range of responses including tales of being up all night puking, spending the next day puking, and generally puking most of the time they weren't busy pooing instead.

It wasn't just a few cases, either. Loads of teams had more than half their members come down with the infection, with the besieged event organiser popping up to lightheartedly suggest seeing a doctor immediately. People are blaming the burgers and the supplied water tanks, although advice from the doctors who've treated some of the sicker victims suggests it's more likely to have been triggered by a virus in the muddy water everyone proudly displayed all over their reddened faces. [BBC]

Image credit: X-runner

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