New App-based Mobile Network Targets Only the Welsh

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new mobile network powered by the underlying tech of Three has arrived to aim itself only at patriotic Welsh users, with RWG Mobile offering free calls to other users on the same network, Wi-Fi calling and 4G data connectivity, plus all the usual voicemail and privacy features you'd expect from any existing non-Welsh operator.

RWG Mobile's site says, not as a joke, that it is: "Run by people in Wales, for people in Wales," while pointing out that it'll also work when the subscriber is out of Wales on a mission to see other places and report back. Being an app-based calling system means it will only work when connected to the internet, whether that's your home Wi-Fi or the mobile internet, plus users currently need an existing SIM from another network to make it work. This format means it can also support multiple numbers and user profiles on one device, making it ideal for people who have an A and B list of friends and acquaintances.

Seeing as its being sold as Welsh and branded in red and green, RWG is also using Welsh call centres to handle customer queries, with all staff able to communicate in both English and Welsh, should problems occur that can't be fixed by a reboot. [RWG]

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