New Sky+ Top Picks Homepage Takes its Cues From Sky Q

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sky has decided that this nation of TV bingers still isn’t getting enough time in front of the telly, and is rolling out a new Sky Q-inspired homepage design to Sky+ customers.

The introduction of Top Picks is the headline change, with the editorially selected section set to make it easier to discover films and shows you’ve never bothered watching before. It’ll be updated by Sky's own folks on a regular basis, and will include on-demand and linear programmes.

Download Next is another fresh addition, with Sky+ now programmed to automatically download the next episode of a series you’re watching, if it’s available. The feature will be switched on by default, but you can change this by hitting the ‘Auto Download’ option in the Customise menu.

The Services homepage has also been given a facelift, in order to make it easier for you to customise the Sky Guide, the search function is now located at the top of the main homepage, a new blue Viewing Progress bar will appear across recordings in the Planner to highlight how much of a programme has been watched, and the Radio section is now tucked behind the Radio tab in the TV Guide.

The changes will begin rolling out today, but may only reach you at the back-end of August. If the weather stays like this, I can't imagine too many people complaining about a lengthy wait.