Nexus Phones Get Anti-spam Call Protection

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's making a play to become popular with people besieged by callers offering PPI refunds for loans they never had, revealing that a new update to its OS gives some models the option to screen and bin spam calls.

Users of Nexus phones or the Android One devices are first to get this feature, which uses the Caller ID system to look up the details of any numbers that aren't already in your contacts book, tagging them as spam on the incoming call screen and making it therefore easy to not bother answering. Even though wasting their time by pretending to be interested is all part of the spam game.

If it's accidentally tagged a call as being spam by mistake there's a reporting feature within the update calling app's history section, where it's possible to tell Google that it was a genuine call and have it retrain its algorithm to add the number to a safe list. Google makes no mention of what database it's using to ID rogue numbers, though, so it might be a bit hit and miss at first.[Google+ via Cnet]

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