Nintendo Files Patent for Modern Portable Gaming Rectangle

By Gary Cutlack on at

The people in charge of imagining how the Nintendo hardware of the future might look have submitted some patents to the US patent office, and yes, they include images. One of which resembles a smartphone. Nintendo Nexus, anyone?

The patent also features this image, which is a bit more in keeping with the handheld gaming vernacular:


The annotations suggest Nintendo is trying to patent something being a rectangle. The actual patent itself contains more information on what it's actually trying to claim credit for inventing, describing this as a: "...handheld information processing apparatus" expanding on this to say it features stereo speakers that include some sort of vibration feature to give physical and spatial feedback to the player, creating a "higher sense of immersion" as a result.

And look! Here's the Mario of the future:

The patent's description of the way it uses sound and vibration hints at more of a navigation or augmented reality device, one that uses vibrations and sound to prompt players to look around them. A standalone Pokemon Go machine, perhaps. [Twitter via Den of Geek]

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