Now Brexit Fears are Being Exploited by Dodgy Spam Emails

By Gerald Lynch on at

As if the impending financial meltdown and rise in xenophobic attitudes wasn't enough to contend with, it seems that the EU referendum's Brexit result even comes with its own brand of spam email.

Scam emails leading to phishing attempts and malware are increasingly being headlined to exploit Brexit fears. Subject lines like "Brexit causes historic market drop” are ten-a-penny in spam folders at the moment according to online security experts, leading with scaremongering information on the state of Britain post-EU before attempting to gain access to personal information.

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"We have certainly noted an increase in the use of Brexit-related topics in email to encourage users to click on content since last Friday’s referendum," James Chappell, co-founder of Digital Shadows, told the Telegraph.

"A common ploy being used by cybercriminals is to send emails that references 'Brexit causes historic market drop' designed to create urgency in the recipient to click a link or open an attachment as a means of delivering malware."

What's most worrying is the security experts' belief that the scammers are targeting those most concerned with Brexit by monitoring IP addresses linked to fearful social media posts. Which, coincidentally, sounds not dissimilar to Theresa May's Snooper's Charter plans. How about that, eh? [Telegraph]