Paranoid Chinese Gamers Think Pokemon Go May Identify Military Sites

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pokemon Go's not out in China, and some local conspiracy theorists hope it stays that way as they're concerned that the game's location-based play might reveal secret military sites to Western spies.

The theory, which is going wild on Chinese social networking sites, is that exciting and rare Pokemon could be placed in restricted areas. That fact that no one is allowed in means these characters remain uncollected, hence accidentally revealing restricted sites of national security to potentially dangerous invaders. "Then, when war breaks out, Japan and the US can easily target their guided missiles, and China will have been destroyed by the invasion of a Japanese-American game," the post neatly explains.

The theory ignores the fact that without China's manufacturing force we'd be sitting around naked and in bare feet, playing with sticks, so are quite unlikely to invade or attack the place where all our cool stuff gets made on the cheap.

In further Pokemon news, Nintendo's share price has rocketed again today as the developer revealed a plan to launch the title in another 200 countries, plus Niantic's boss John Hanke said the company is also using some of the mountains of in-app purchase money so far accrued to bolster its struggling servers. [Reuters]

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