Police Officer Among Three Stabbed as Hyde Park Water Fight Turns Violent in Heat

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Yesterday’s heat proved too much to handle for a bunch of morons in the capital, who ended up turning an innocent water fight into a full-on riot. Hyde Park was the scene of the madness, which saw a police officer and two members of the public stabbed.

The trouble is reported to have broken out at around 8.40pm, with hundreds of people apparently uniting to throw bottles at the police. One officer was hit, and is being treated in hospital along with the three stabbing victims.

"Police in Westminster were in attendance at Hyde Park by the Serpentine from 3pm after a large number of people gathered for a spontaneous 'water fight,’” said a Scotland Yard spokesman. "At around 8.40pm parts of the increasingly large crowd become hostile to police and items -- including bottles -- were thrown towards officers.”

No arrests have yet been made, but the police are appealing for witnesses to come forward. [BBC, Telegraph]