Posting a Murder Trial Pic on Facebook Has Landed One British Teen in Jail

By Tom Pritchard on at

Posting something to Facebook has the capacity to land you in jail, particularly if it's a picture of an in-progress murder trial accompanied by a provocative caption. That's exactly what happened to 19-year old Damien Parker-Stokes.

Parker-Stokes was at court to support his friend, Ryan Sheppard, who was tried and convicted of murder back in 2014. Parker-Stokes took five pictures and a video of the proceedings, later posting one onto Sheppard's Facebook page with the caption "Respect g at least u had the balls to admit it ..."

18-year old Kyle Cox, another friend of Parker-Stokes, posted the same picture to Sheppard's Facebook page, this time with the caption "Ride or die certified south west g." He later posted a picture of a different judge, with the caption "Fuk the judge!" Cox later apologised to the court and was given a six month suspended sentence.

Parker-Stokes did not offer an apology, and was subsequently sentenced to 15 months in prison. Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas, was unimpressed with Parker-Stokes's behaviour, claiming he was mocking the justice system and causing the victim's family unwanted distress. He said "This court will punish with very severe sentences anyone who photographs in court and who aggravates that offence by posting them on the internet."

It might seem obvious that posting pictures of courtrooms on the internet is a bad idea, but this isn't the first case of it happening. So remember, don't do it. It might land you in prison. [The Guardian via CNET]