Report: Nintendo NX is Both a Portable and Home Console All-in-One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Part Wii, part Gameboy, all Nintendo – a new report from Eurogamer suggests that Nintendo's next console, the so-called Nintendo NX, will continue in the gaming company's tradition of pushing expectations of what a dedicated piece of gaming hardware actually is.

According to Eurogamer's sources, the NX will double up as both a portable console and a home one to sit next to your TV, docked with it. Controllers will snap to the sides of it, pulled off for couch-based play at home, while the core central unit can be taken out-and-about for on-the-go play thanks to packing in its own display.

Nvidia's powerful Tegra chipset (the guts behind its impressive Nvidia Shield TV box) will run the show, making it a stonking handheld –though perhaps not quite as impressive as a home unit. Still, that's a 4K capable chip. It'll also mark the return of cartridges for a Nintendo sorta-home console, while the mad new design means backwards compatibility is unlikely.

In some respects, it sounds a bit like the SNES Super Game Boy add on, at least conceptually. It sounds almost too mad to be true, but Eurogamer's a site we've got a lot of time for here at Giz, so we'd expect its sources to be rock solid. They're claiming a September reveal is on the cards for the console – if true, we won't have long to wait to see the real deal. [Eurogamer]