Rogue One Has a Brand New Poster, and Some Fresh New Footage [Updated]

By Tom Pritchard on at

The annual Star Wars Celebration is currently going on in London, and that means lots of new stuff from the upcoming films. Well, I say films, I mean Rogue One. So here's a brand new poster for you to enjoy.

The live stream of the ongoing Rogue One panel also showed off a sizzle reel with brand new footage of the film and behind-the-scenes details. It's not quite a trailer, but it's better than nothing.

Update: Those in attendance at the event in London were shown a special bit of footage at the very end of the Rogue One panel. Unfortunately I couldn't get in and the live stream showed off the sizzle reel again, which was very annoying.

There are two theories on what it could be: a brand new full trailer for the film, or a teaser for either Episode VIII or the Han Solo solo film.

Update #2: According to the lovely folks on Twitter, the clip was another Rogue One teaser - this time featuring Darth Vader. No doubt there will be some bootleg footage hitting the net in the next couple of hours. Watch this space.

Update #3: If you like terrible bootleg footage (and I mean really terrible) that doesn't even point at the screen for half the trailer, check out the post-panel teaser here. I won't embed it, because chances are it won't be there for long.