Sainsbury's Tests One-hour Food Deliveries to Pocket of Impatient Londoners

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sainsbury's is having a go at moving into Amazon territory with the trial of a new superfast grocery delivery service, and is testing its standalone Chop Chop express home shopping scheme right now in the london borough of Wandsworth.

People living within 3km of the Wandsworth branch (it checks) can order up to 20 items and have them delivered within the hour for a flat cost of £4.99, via a service that's powered entirely via an exclusive to Apple iOS app. Sainsbury's boss Mike Coupe thinks this fast/small food delivery concept is more desirable to casual shoppers than loading up massive vans with the mega expensive weekly shop, and the idea of buying just 20 things is certainly less troubling than the dread fear of having to spend hours comparing toilet roll thicknesses and prices when buying the main big shop.

This seems to be more for when you've got people in and everyone wants biscuits and crisps and it's raining so TO HELL with spending £5 on delivery. [Reuters via Engadget]

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