Samsung's Future Phones Will Feature Artificial Muscles

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Everyone’s known about Samsung’s plans to launch a proper bendable smartphone you can twist and fold without breaking for some time now, and two new patents filed by the company shed some light on how it might go about it.

The first rather intriguingly describes an ‘artificial muscle’, which sounds like it would consist of a set of miniature interconnected plates arranged in such a way that they’d respond to bending forces through sensors, helping to safely move the components it’s attached to. According to the patent, those would be a flexible display panel and image processing board.

That flexible display, as described by the second patent, would comprise a foldable panel split into a top section and a bottom section.

Samsung’s curved-screen handsets have been a big hit with consumers, but a phone you can actually bend would represent a major step forwards. While it’s always exciting to hear about new patents and the like, we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves until we see and get to grips with a convincing working model. [Korea News via ZDNet]