See Inside a Japanese Love Hotel

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man decided to have a look around a Japanese love hotel, where people go to do it in private, but instead of shaming himself over cultural differences and what's deemed acceptable on a first date with a local lady, he walked around it in amazement filming everything for us to see within the plush rooms of the Hotelion, Sendai.

And before you judge, there's a good reason for these places to exist. Commonplace multi-generational homes in Japan mean young people often find it hard to fumble around with each other in secret -- especially when there's only some stupid paper wall between their headboard and grandma's bed -- so having somewhere spacious and discrete to go and bash away at each other can be a god send. Plus it's good for taking prostitutes if you're rich and carefree.

Although it's not just sex that's conducted here. The video makes these anonymous retreats look like great places to stay even if you just want to have a few wanks in peace, as cheap food and plentiful drinks, designed to keep people happy and encourage visitors to stay longer via the PAYG (PAYC?) room pricing structure, make it look like quite the fun vacation venue for all.

Would definitely like a fortnight in one, as long as the Wi-Fi's not also charged by the hour. [YouTube]

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