Segways Banned from Barcelona's Packed Tourist Runs

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Segway has become quite the thing in Barcelona, where tour guides hire the big scooters out to give sightseers an easier way to travel around the waterfront area of Ciutat Vella. But that's about to come to an end, as locals have won a battle to have them outlawed for the rest of the summer.

Any Segways or bicycle taxis caught winding along between the Hotel Vela and the Olympic Port part of the modernised waterfront will be handed an instant €90 fine, with a €1,000 maximum charge lined up for repeat offenders. The city apparently has 136 Segways working the area, with this new restriction being only a temporary, local-pleasing initiative to tackle the short-term mobility menace this summer; city lawmakers are working on more permanent legislation to solve the pavement battles between powered and unpowered daytrippers.

Mercedes Vidal, Barcelona's mobility councillor, said: "...we’re dealing with the fact that it’s an incredibly dense city, with an added high touristic pressure," adding that they looked at traffic calming measure across Europe, but found there were no comparable situations to the shoreside battle within the city. [City Lab via Guardian]

Image credit: Segway in Barcelona from Shutterstock

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