Self-Driving Takeaway Delivery Robots Have Arrived in the UK

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Those cute- but slightly crude-looking delivery robots you assumed would never actually be deployed on real streets have only gone and actually been deployed on real streets. From today. In the UK too! Well, London for now, presumably because everyone's too busy posing on their fixies/unable to really see past their beards to notice street robots.

Starship Technologies has just started a real-world trial of its boxy six-wheeler, which appears to shy away from old people, chase kids on bikes and expose itself to young ladies. Watch the disturbing video below.

Awwww. The robots use GPS, radar and a camera to find their way around, and can autonomously avoid obstacles and follow road traffic rules. According to Starship Technologies, in the nearly 5,000 test miles the robots have lumbered through, there hasn't been a single bad incident.

But what will the little guy bring to your yard? Starship Technologies has partnered with Just Eat, which spells bad news for your waistline. A doner kebab and a show? It's surely a matter of time before health and advertising standards experts step in. Junk food has never had a friendlier face. Hermes, and Metro Group are also involved in the trial.