Sky Q's New Features Want to Trap You in Front of Your TV Forever

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sky has followed yesterday morning's Sky+ announcement with news of an update to Q, designed -- you guessed it -- to get customers plonked in front of the telly for as long as possible. The lion’s share of Sky Q’s new features focus on helping users discover new shows and download content, but there’s some sports and family-friendly stuff in the mix too.

First off, there’s Auto Download Next Episode, which will work as long as the immediate next episode in a series is available at the time the preceding episode is being watched, though it won’t include kids’ content presumably because Sky is run by adults. Auto Play works alongside it by automatically playing the next episode in a series 30 seconds after the previous one has ended.

Elsewhere, the sports homepage has been updated to make it easier to find live and on-demand stuff, Top Picks has been tweaked to include even more recommendations, and PIN Protection for Online Video clips will hide 18+ rated bits of naughtiness behind a PIN.

Sky's also promised to add voice search capability to Q later this year, as well as a smartphone app. Oh, and 4K will finally be switched on on August 13th.