Solar Impulse Becomes First Plane to Go Around the World Using Solar Power

By Eve Peyser on at

The question on everyone’s mind: what’s going on with Solar Impulse?

For anyone who isn’t aware, Solar Impulse is an aeroplane. The twist? She’s run using solar power. Over 17,000 solar cells line its wings, supplying a series of electric motors and charging four on-board lithium batteries. It’s designed to be entirely solar-powered, and, thanks to those batteries, able to fly through day and night.

Solar Impulse’s journey started in March of last year, and this baby has hit all the hottest airports – including in the US alone, Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley International Airport and Dayton, Ohio, managing to make two stops in Arizona. No wonder the journey took a mere 505 days. (FWIW, the plane also travelled at the speed of a car.)

Solar Impulse celebrated on Twitter, tagging celebs like Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake in a tweet revealing the news:

In pilot André Borschberg’s tweet, he gives a shoutout to LeBron James’s fan club’s account and Mashable.

Big news for solar energy advocates and a gentle reminder of the power of the sun.