Star Trek Beyond Concept Art Shows Off Starships and Stunning Alien Vistas

By Katharine Trendacosta on at

Much of Star Trek Beyond takes place on an alien planet the crew gets stranded on after the destruction of the Enterprise. In this concept art by Victor Martinez, you can get a closer look at some designs for the planet, some ships that never made it to screen, and more.

Martinez, whose art can be found on his Facebook page, did some of these early on with production designer Scott Chambliss and others for later reshoots with Production Designer Andrew Murdock.

The early ones are pretty easy to pick out, since they include “Federation Fighters” which were cut from the final film due to script changes and rewrites. The NCC-1507 on them is just a placeholder, by the way—it’s from an existing Star Trek ship and is used because the actual name and numbers for things haven’t been finalized when concept artists do their work.

The rest of the designs are for the mine shaft that serves as the villain’s base in the movie, and they’re pretty close to what we actually ended up seeing.