Take a Look at the Awesome Wearable that Will Let You Use the Force on Sphero's BB-8

By James Whitbrook on at

Sphero’s remote controlled BB-8 is already the coolest Star Wars toy around. But the company wowed us once again when they first revealed the Force Band that lets you control the little droid not with an app, but with your miiiiind (OK, swanky motion sensing tech). We’ve seen images of the final product, but we just got a look up close on the floor at Star Wars Celebration Europe. It’s come a long way since the prototype band shown to us at CES.

Gone is the simple cleanliness, replaced by a colour scheme that draws comparisons to the X-Wing of BB-8's master, Poe Dameron, and a distressed look that is very much in the style of the worn technology of the Resistance in The Force Awakens. It’s not shown here, but BB-8 himself will be getting a less clean paint scheme to match the band when it’s released.

Compared to the tiny droid itself, the wristband is pretty sizeable. But having seen the product in action, a bit of bulkiness can’t compare to the absurdly delightful feeling of using the band to control BB-8 as he trundles around. Sphero have yet to announce a price or solid release for the Force Band, but we were told today to expect more information this autumn.