Teen With Haemophilia Considers Legal Action After iPhone Explodes on Eurostar

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A British teenager has described the moment his iPhone 5S went up in smoke on the Eurostar after the battery apparently exploded. 19-year-old trainee lawyer Arthur Smith suffers from haemophilia, which affects his blood’s ability to clot, and could have been in serious trouble.

He’s now considering legal action against Apple.

“I was asleep on my way home when my iPhone started to ring,” he said, adding that he was initially concerned about the dirty looks his fellow passengers were flashing his way. As you’ll know if you’ve ever been on the Eurostar, you’re not supposed to use phones in the carriages.

“The screen was completely blank but I went to turn it off and it was so hot. It let off this horrible smell like burning sulphur and the screen popped out and scratched all the way up my arm. It felt like being scalded by a burning piece of metal. It just made this huge popping sound, it was pretty scary. I panicked a bit because it was smoking and the other passengers were getting worried so I wrapped it up in a napkin to try to make it stop.”

There’s a good lad, more worried about causing a scene than his own safety. According to Arthur, a corner of the battery had blown up, though the nasty incident hasn’t put him off Apple products. He’s already picked up a replacement -- the iPhone 5C. [Standard]

Image: Rafael Kousz via Flickr